Let’s talk about Money!


No one wants to feel taken advantage of. My prices are completely transparent and my end goal is to make sure we’re both happy and content. I guarantee that your budget will be respected, and in return I ask that you respect that this is my full time job – not a hobby. This pays my car note, rent, my puppy’s food and most of all, my love for travel! If you’re afraid I might be out of your price range, please don’t be afraid to ask before you turn me away.

In the end, if you’re awesome and have a wonderful love story that you want to share with the world, I want to work with you and I will do my best to find a middle ground that is fair for both of us!

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Local Weddings

(Within a 100 Mile radius of Lake Charles, LA)

Start at $2000+

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Engagements + Couples

Start at $400

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Destination Weddings

Start at $2500+