To be totally honest, if you would’ve told me ten years ago that I would be a wedding photographer I would’ve laughed at you. I was artistic as a kid and my mom would buy me disposable cameras, but like any boy in the south, I wanted to play sports! I played basketball my whole life and I still make it rain on the court! The next time I picked up a camera was in 2014 and little did I know it was going to change my life! I took a six month trip to India and of course I had to take pictures. Using my Iphone I would take pictures of the landscapes and people and edit them. Next thing I knew I had fallen in love with photography all over again. Fast forward four years and a ton of learning and practice, here I am running my own business! Every weekend I get to party, laugh and happy cry with some amazing people and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


Meet the Pupper!

So this is Blue! A mini dachshund and australian shepherd mix (Nope, wasn’t planned). He was born from one those, “neighbors dog wanders into the other neighbors yard” situations. He was the runt of the litter so I had to have him. He never meets strangers! Visitors at our house always are greeted with a tail wag and he will stick to them like glue their whole visit! He never passes up on a good couch snuggle and keeps the house secure from those dangerous lizards, cats and kids walking home from school.

Let Me Brag About Myself


Ok you’re cool but what about turn around times and deposits?