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Hurricane Harvey: Orange, TX

Clark Miller1 Comment
Hurricane Harvey: Orange, TX

I've been through a few hurricanes in my life. But I've always evacuated. I've never been close to the action. Wednesday morning that changed. With Hurricane Harvey making landfall at 2am I jumped in my Camry at 8am and headed west on I-10 and within an hour I couldn't go any further than Orange, TX. I got off at the nearest exit and what I saw was just a madhouse of people running to find high ground, men and women in boats cruising around rescuing people in need and dropping them off. News reporters filming, national guardsmen and some policeman doing the best they could to organize the madness.

But in all of it I saw love. A love that this world needs right now. Through the destruction and chaos I that Harvey brought, it shows we as humans are capable of showing love to a complete stranger regardless of race, color or creed. Love regardless of age, social status or political views. It was just love.

I hope these images push you off the fence to go help our friends in Southeast Texas. But I want these photos to give you hope. A hope that as a nation we're capable of loving each other and working together regardless of our color, ethnicity even sexuality. A hope that we can accept our differences to accomplish something greater than ourselves. I think it's interesting that the name Harvey means "battle worthy". Believe me I'm not minimizing the damage and destruction that's happened. I've seen it firsthand and it's unreal what people are going through even as I type this. But what if Harvey was for us to realize that love is the greatest weapon we have? That the issues in our country can be resolved and it took Harvey to show us that we can do it together! That the evil in our country won't be beaten by lashing out but by extending love to people who look and believe differently than we do.

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Two men help an elderly black woman through the water to a bus transporting flooding victims to Lake 


An elderly rescuee waves to National Guardsmen passing by.


These two men had been working since 3am rescuing people out of a flooded neighborhood.